Hey, I'm Bahareh.

        I desire to tell a true narrative with honest and powerful images, where one photo can tell an entire story. I have a passion for personal meaningful relationships, am highly community centered and have a love of people. Inclusivity lives here and I thrive knowing that with my craft, there are no bounds, the sky is the limit and the stories are endless. A photograph can leave one feeling a plethora of emotions, a visual representation of reality. It may be happy, it may be painful but whatever the case, it is real.

        I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio before moving to the High Plains of Texas. I hold a Bachelors of Art in Interactive Media Design which I put to use as a side gig making websites and brand development for various businesses. My photos have been featured in The Columbus Dispatch and the Huffington Post as well as a cover story for Amarillo Magazine. In short, my work surrounds weddings, portraits and commercial work.

        Photography is my way of serving humanity. The worst thing we can ever do is turn our back on people. We live in a world of divisiveness and exclusion. Creating an inclusive environment is literally what makes my heart happy. I have a strong desire to foster culture and diversity especially in a town like Amarillo. Other than what I’m doing locally, I am often traveling for photography, often for weddings, engagement sessions or portrait work. You can definitely count on me to hop on a plane and come to you anytime!

        Jake is my spouse and we have two big pups that we love to travel with. Along with being a photographer, I also manage an airBNB we have in our home and have the beautiful opportunity of hearing peoples stories of what brings them through Amarillo. Jake and I also run the backyard concerts series called Teckla House, for local and traveling musicians. This has helped create an inclusive culture of people coming together in the community who otherwise wouldn’t meet. Inc. Magazine did a feature about it, you can read that HERE.

        My most recent endeavor is starting a photo booth company, Sidecar Photo Booth Co. The approach is minimal and the design is sleek. The photo booth is open air, meaning you’re not stuck in a tiny enclosed area trying to catch your breath. We won’t be those people that trigger your claustrophobia. If you’re booking me for a wedding, you should look into it. It’s hella fun! I am so glad you’re here and I hope to work with you soon.


        We are constantly drawn to and inspired by people. Each day, each story, each event makes our community and surroundings what they are. Showcasing the talents of the people we encounter is something we love to do and would love to have the honor of collaborating with our fellow creatives in this beautiful world we are living in. Connect with us and let's make something rad together.


        Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, read about our vision and peek into the work we are doing. We are so excited to hear from you.

        Please feel free to email with any questions, comments or if you simply just want to say hello!

        - Based in Amarillo, Texas -

        Available for Travel Worldwide

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