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            McKenzie O.

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            Bahareh's work has that intangible something-- something that can't be taught, something that transcends skill. She has a gift for capturing the essence of the client, and of any given moment. This work is emotive, touching, powerful, and full of presence. Bahareh does more than capture a subject-- she captures the emotional quality of any given moment.

            Bahareh and Jake are incredible--that's all you really need to know. Their skill, passion, attention to detail, and ability to direct makes them possibly the best photographers that you can find. Bahareh's ability to direct my movements and her desire to make everyone feel comfortable is really a game changer. Bahareh and Jake have made many moments in our lives into tangible, beautiful memories. We are grateful for them--as friends and photographers.

            I've never been a big fan of posed family photos, but I'm in love with my photos taken by the Ritter’s, and they aren't posed at all! They are picutures of us being us in our own home. I couldn’t ask for more. Bahareh has a true talent - capturing people just being themselves in a truly raw, honest, beautiful way.