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Have you ever been drawn to create? Maybe try something new? Well we were honored when Steven + Beth trusted us and provided a platform for us to make something special for them. This was our first wedding video, and second video ever. Ironically Beth + I went to same high school but did not know each other. Our friendship evolved over the past year and am so blessed to have her in my life!

Steven is from England and Beth grew up in Ohio. A chance meeting at the 2012 London Olympics brought them together. She was an intern and Steven was her boss. Three weeks was all it took for them to know that they wanted to continue their relationship further. Even thought their job prohibited them from dating, they were not shy about getting to know one another. At night they would both sneak downstairs of the hotel lobby, talk for hours, and then head back up to their rooms before anyone else woke up. It was in those moments that they realized this was different, something worthwhile.  

"People often ask me what it’s like to be in a long distance relationship and I always say, I don’t recommend it but if you feel like it's worth it. Go for it. But it’s going to be hard and a lot of work.” -Beth

Three weeks went by and it was time for Beth to head back to Ohio. Their relationship continued and they were able to keep in contact regularly and visited one another often. 

"You might think we didn’t know each other well enough but each time we were at each others homes, we learned about each others culture, family, character, and way of life. I never thought the man of my dreams would be from a different county." -Beth

After one year, Steven was ready to propose to Beth. On December 23rd 2013, Steven planned a surprise date and proposed that night. Exactly 2 months later, they wed and currently reside in England.



"The day was perfect, my ring was beautiful, and my groom was mine."

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We also had the honor of working alongside the Ely Brothers. Don't be fooled by the name though, Levi + Val Ely are a husband and wife team that told Steven + Beth's story beautifully through still images. We absolutely loved working with them and they truly are some of the kindest people we know. Click here for the blog post of wedding photos from their day!


Venue | The Westin Columbus

Photographers | Ely Brothers

DJ | Mark Artrip 

Cake | Coty Kriptav 

Flowers | Deb Helmrich 

Wedding Planner | Maggie Apel

Suit | Hugo Boss

Wedding Dress | David's Bridal + Added Custom Design/Alterations by Beth's Mother