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Jake and I have had the honor to get to know many talented individuals and have actively set out to showcase their artistry and what makes them so inspiring. This is the start of a personal project and I am looking forward to showcasing various artists from all walks of life. I guarantee you'll love getting to know these individuals. Cheers to introducing fellow creatives, show what is being created and how they are making an impact in their community.

Meet Chelsea Kuhn.

A creative entrepreneur who makes beautifully hand-crafted aprons and scarves.

We are always curious what draws people to what they do and how they start translating their dreams to a real life story. Chelsea's story is so special, a request that seemed too simple turned into a path in life that became a dream come true. Chelsea explains what inspired the making of Chelsea Made.

"Chelsea Made began in the Winter of 2013, when my youngest brother sent me a request to help a friend of his with a Christmas gift for his mother. That gift was an apron and that apron was the first of many. Looking back, my designs have evolved tremendously and my textiles have taken a dreamy and luxurious turn as over 150 aprons have been individually handcrafted over the past year and half, all while supporting local shops and never creating the same design twice. My mission, perhaps you could say, is to equip each hostess with a piece of kitchen couture uniquely designed with her and her alone in mind. The same goes for the men and children I design for as well, I want the kids to feel important while they assist in stirring batter and cracking eggs, just as much as I want to help men avoid being caught in a floral printed ruffle number while they char steak on the grill. I believe the apron is a nostalgic piece of fashion and I adore it."

Her love of people is so apparent through the process of how she conducts business. While Jake and I were spending our day with her she was able to tell us about the process on how she goes about working with clients. She translated her thoughts and our conversations to text and wrote to us. Here is a direct quote about her experiences and creative process: 

"I graduated from Smith College with a degree in Studio Art, so any moment I can put pencil to paper just fills me with joy. This love affects much of my design process, just like a fashion designer would sketch out their next line, I too illustrate my aprons before buying, cutting and stitching. It’s time consuming, yes, but when I am working with a client, I am able to converse with them about their life, their favorite things, their ultimate vacation spots, or quirky traits and translate that into some sketches just for them. This process provides a solid visual for the buyer and as a very picky shopper myself, I understand that we want to see what we are getting before we put down our money for the item. As illustrations are being discussed I also submit fabric samples to my clients and I try to create multiple options and even something perhaps that they didn’t think about in the chance moment they see a vision that wasn’t there before. It’s a totally different experience than simply purchasing an apron. It’s purchasing custom art that you helped bring to life and it just happens to be wearable and looks amazing dancing through your kitchen."

I personally am lucky to have a ChelseaMade crafted apron and I am in LOVE with it. She is so invested in your story and pulls inspiration from you to create the most unique piece that is specific to you. Ya'll should really invest in one!

"An apron should tell a story, just like your life, your food, and the busy chatter (both good and bad) around the dinner table. It should have character and should inspire you to cook in it. I know wearing an apron won’t make your kids eat their peas, it won’t stop the dishes from piling up in the sink, and it won’t cook for you when the only thing you want to do is call for delivery and never see a dirty pan again, but I do think they make you smile. I do think they are charming. I do believe they can make you feel like a triumphant 1950’s housewife with all her ducks in a row. And I do know that they will keep the sauce off your shirt and the grease off your pants, so there’s one more thing you don’t have to worry about.  My vision, is simply to outfit you for the job."

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