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Meet The Browns.

Anyone that knows them, or even if you don't, you will be able to tell that they exude joy. Their fun-loving nature is addicting to be around. We had the honor of meeting them before even moving to Amarillo, Texas. Jake and I came to Amarillo to find a place to live. They opened up their house, invited us in and made us feel more than welcome. Through that experience, we have grown to love this place and all the people we have met in the process. 

As a special treat and a thank you to them for letting us stay, we did an in-home session with them before they moved to Dallas. We wanted them to have something to remember their first house by and what better way than to document them spending time together as they would if cameras weren't around. Luckily, Jake and I got a good spoiling with the amazing pancakes that they made. 

Thank you Andrew + Niki for introducing us to this community with open arms. We will forever cherish our time with you and hope that you two are having a great time in Dallas!